An excel file of all the people I've emailed

I’m trying to get a full excel file or some database of all the people I’ve ever emailed (all data on my local machine. Is there such a database that stores all this so I can convert the database to excel?

What I would suggest “to get only all the sent emails” in a list is to first eg: Export “your sent folder” emaila in eM Client to .eml files. See how to via the export option example below.

Then once exported, go online and use a eg: “.eml to xls merge website or .eml to xlsx merge website” or use a “local .eml to excel merge program”. There are many websites online & programs that can do that.

Lastly once you have the excel file, open that and you will then be able to see & select all the sent emails.

(Export selected folders to .eml)

Windows example.

1). To export your emails from the application to .eml files, click on Menu / File / Export in the main menu and the following window will appear

2). Choose the Export to .eml files option and click Next>


3). Check / Select all the items / folders you want to export and click Next>


4). Click Finish to finally export your email contents.

You can change the default location to save the exported .eml files by clicking the Browse button and select the desired destination directory