An error occurred

Keep getting an Operations pop up every 5 seconds saying “An error occurred…Synchronizing folder list failed due to the following error: Too many automatic redirections were attempted” - there are about 6 errors and every time I try to ignore, it keeps popping up.

It is quite annoying and I have no updates needed.

Please note, I have 5 emails set up in the email client so perhaps that is the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Got the same issue. Happened yesterday. No changes that I undertook. Changed “Synchronize items every” to the max, which is 99 minutes. A work around but not great. 

how/where do I do that? sorry, I am new to this email client :) 

Thank you!!! 

Menu > Tools > Settings. It’s on the General tab that opens up. 

But I suspect the solution is to delete the account and then re-install it.

Thanks! I have 5 accounts lol so it must be all of them. But, I assume if I change to 99 min, I will not get emails right away?

No, I don’t think that setting to 99 min synch means that push mail comes every 99 mins.

Anyway, I deleted my email a/c and reinstalled and errors now gone. A bit time consuming as the a/c re-synched to eM but all back up and running. As for your 5 a/cs, you should be able to see which one is causing the problem on the log. Otherwise, why not start with the biggest/busiest one?

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