An error occurred Uploading item(s) to folder ...

As of yesterday I began getting this error. What does it mean and how do I fix it?
"“An error occurred Uploading item(s) to folder [[email protected]]/My Calendar/” failed due to the following error: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime. Parameter name: t “”

Hello, can you please try to update to this release, and check if the issue persists?

If it does, can you please try to perform a folder repair on your calendar folder that seems to be having issues with the calendar item (specified in the error), to do so, right click the folder in the left pane and navigate to Properties > Repair and perform repair by clicking the button.


Thank you Paul

…Technical Support, Employee, I was having the exact same problem and downloaded the above mentioned update release and the problem has stopped appearing.  It was not stopping me from getting any mail, but was becoming very annoying when it popped up every time I went into my email account…thanks again.

That seems to have done it. I almost thought I’d lost all my calendar entries, but apparently it took a minute or two to sync them.  I didn’t know there was a “Repair” function - I wouldn’t have expected to find it under “Properties”. Thank you.

Hello Robert, the Repair option essentially resynchronises the folder with the remote server, e.g. removes local data and resyncs what’s available on the server. It can only be done for each folder specifically, so thus it’s hidden under it’s properties.