Am I missing something?

I use only mail and contacts in eM Client version 6.0.19705.0 and don’t see any new options for the user interface with the exception of reply/forward headers. I thought there was going to be some.
With regards to what applies to the mail/contacts program is there a list of any new options over version 5 that are available that I’m not seeing?

Thank you.

Hi, what user interface options exactly do you have on mind?


I thought there would be a list of additional features that were not in the previous version.
However by now I’ve gotten to see what’s new.

Thanks for the response.

Hi Fitness,

I’ve also asked before for a ‘change log’ or ‘history’ of the different eM Client versions, which should be readable on the website of eM Client, but I believe that such an overview is not planned.

you are welcome.