I have read many messages on the forum and it looks as if many of us have problems with yahoo imap configuration.

I already have unchecked the CalDAV and the CardDAV options in the account configuration, and I have already created a special password for EM CLIENT on my yahoo web provider.

These “strategies” work for a while, but after a few days the same error window appears again and it is impossible to send and receive yahoo emails through your client.

I do not have these problems with Mozilla Thuderbird and with TypeApp app on my android smartphone, and I do not have these problems with my fastweb account on your client.

What other steps can I take to definitely solve this problem with yahoo in your client?

I’ve had grief with this on and off for years including with Outlook. In fact that’s why I moved to eMC long ago, but problem is back after recreating my account to repair a corrupted folder struct./database. Whew, took a week to figure that out! Hard to get the account settings just right. Have cardav and caldav disabled for now as that’s the source of this for me. Do they want AppleID password or internet provider password for iCloud syncing? Seems unhappy with either.

PS: years ago I could fix this by changing my ATT email password, but am reluctant to try that again since that password is used in many places, plus it’s already very secure.

I also have this issue with Yahoo, as well as Gmail. It’s very frustrating.