Always download pictures from this email DOMAIN

Hello, I want to be able to automatically download images from any email coming from my co-workers (any sender with an email address like *, without having to whitelist each individual sender. Is this possible?

I would like to know if this is possible also? If so I would likely buy the product.

Does anyone out there have any information regarding this with em client?

I too would like to know how to download pictures automatically. There must be a setting somewhere to do this.

Actually I think I may have found the solution: Go to _ Tools>Settings>Privacy>unsafe content _  and click on Display unsafe content in all messages.

Yes this would work to display all but I would like to display all just for a specific domain.  It seems this is not possible yet.

Is there a way to do this yet? I’d also like to whitelist loading external content by sender domain. I don’t mind editing config files, if that’s what it takes. 

I think for security reasons, whole domains will not be enabled. You can, however, still specify to automatically download unsafe content for all your contacts, named senders, or disable it completely.

I’d rather not click the “Allow images from this sender” button for every single new email that comes from some domains. It gets to be very tiresome and adding domain whitelisting for domains I trust is still better than allowing unsafe content in all messages, which seems to be the only other option to avoid the headache.
I guess I don’t understand why it’s more or even as much of a security issue as the option for allowing everything.

How many new senders are you getting on each domain every day? You only have to click it once for each sender, and the setting is remembered. Is that such an issue? 

But if you want to allow unsafe content from unspecified senders, just disable it completely.

Every new variation in email address requires it again, so especially for senders that use auto-generated email addresses, it’s a pain.
And there’s the problem, I’d rather not allow unsafe content from unspecified senders, only the specific domains I trust.
It’s already most of the way there with the email address whitelisting. If it could just match the domain part, it would be perfect.

Outlook can allow external content by domain, but I was hoping to find something better than Outlook.

Exactly as @Nelson H explained. I often have multiple clients coming from their company’s email domain, and I need to make sure  that all of them are treated the same way, as safe. 

That is the the main use case for this feature request, and it’s available in Outlook.


Well, this is NOT MS Outlook.

Thankfully not. There’s a lot that eM does better than Outlook. I was simply pointing out that it’s a handy feature that already exists in other clients and would make eM even better.

Is there no solution from this? I get emails from a business forum from my company where all the notifications com from a different email Example:


So a single thread of information (questions and answers) could produce 20-30 emails a day. Hard to believe there is no domain whitelist function or workaround.

I think for security reasons eM Client does not enable whitelisting a complete domain.

As a Pro License user you could open a support ticket with eM Client and get their view on why they don’t offer it as an option. It may even be something that will be included in the next major release, but us regular users will not know that. :grin:

Thanks Gary! I cannot fathom that you are not a Pro user. You are all over these boards. They should hire you on the spot! :+1:t3:

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