Allow saving contacts in global address list for G Suite

Currently it is not possible to add or edit contacts in Googles global address list “Directory”.

The error message ist “Unable to save item, the account is read only”.

This is intended by Google, but they allow editing the directory through their API.

–> Would be great to see em client using the API to enable this feature.

(For Outlook Google is offering an add on:

Hi Adrian,

eM Client generally supports API. However, I never tested this feature so are you sure that it doesn’t work in eM Client?


@russel Yes, I tested it explicitly. 
Generally this is also wanted behavior from Google.
The “directory” by default only contains  company users and there are couple of marketplace apps for G Suite available which enhance the directory for this functionality.

You can read more about this at:
-> especially -> Add external contacts

There seems to be an extra API for this “Domain Shared API Contacts

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for the information. I’ll forward this for testing and if necessary, I’ll create a feature request for it.