Allow installations on a different drive

I have seen other people requesting this and it being brushed off. I honestly don’t understand why. I only want to install my OS on the C Drive and install all my apps on the D Drive. Even if I have to re-install the OS and lose the C Drive, I can open my apps (some don’t work without re-installation and I generally then eschew them for others if possible). I simply don’t want any apps installed on the C drive. Even with that, I’m hitting the 120GB size of my C drive because of Windows OS insatiable hunger for disk.

I appreciate that the database can be moved to the D Drive. But I don’t even want to consume 200MB of the app. I’m also aware of changing the default Install folder in the registry and I’m aware of creating symbolic links. Been there. Done that. Got burnt innumerable times with Windows idiosyncrasies. Now, I just want to control my install folder and my data folder.

If there’s a way to d this, please let me know. If not, then I guess I’ll have to stick with Thunderbird. Too bad because that one is dying on the vine. But at least for major functionality it’s working.

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Yes, better stick with what works for you.

lunes 07 diciembre 2020 :: 0955hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @milind

I can be done, I have eMC installed on E:, not for space reasons; the same as you, I don’t have anything other than the OS, unless unavoidable, on C:
You either have to modify the install routine or move after installation.

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Skybat, any documentation on modifying the install routine? I unzipped the msi, but don’t do Windows development and there was no config file I could find.

I didn’t try moving after installation. Is that merely moving the folder off C and changing the shortcut? Or do I have to make registry changes? Which is not a problem if they are not scattered all over or at least I have a list. Nuisance though. Should just allow setting an install directory.

While it is not recommended, you can use symbolic links as you have already mentioned. Install the program as usual in C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client them move it to another drive. After creating the symlink, the OS will think it is in its original position.

Yup. Symbolic links definitely are extremely flakey on Windows. They seem to work. And the all of a sudden you see weird problems that don’t seem related. But are caused by the sym links. Don’t want to mess with that. Could try the modification of the installation setup or moving the folder if that works anything like say Eclipse installations.