Allow "Address contains" as a rule decision point

For instance, if I receive E-mail from Walgreens about a prescription being ready or delayed, it will come from A “Time to reorder” E-mail may come from

I would like to be able to set From people to Contains or just walgreens to cover any E-mail from a Walgreens domain.

ALternatively allow the use of * to mean anything, so * would be accepted, or *walgreens* would be accepted.

You can try this…


Maybe it is not so well documented, so it is unclear, but the feature already exists.

Because wildcards are not used but implied, whatever you enter means that is what the field must contain regardless of what comes before or after. So walgreens will return a search for *walgreens*.

Personally I prefer:

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I thought I tried ‘’ and it didn’t work. Just tried it again and it works fine.


Got this E-mail.


Added this Rule but it doesn’t work:


Adding the full works but none of the other forms work so there is still a need for the same implied support in the from people field.

That is why I said my preference was to use with words found in the header. Did you try that option?

In this case the header varies so there is nothing I can specifically key off of.

If implied is supposed to work then it needs to be fixed so it works. Otherwise my original request to add this as a feature is valid.

Now I’m having another problem with Rules but I take that to the forum since it’s not a new feature request.

Thanks you Gary.

Based on your original post it appears that there is a ‘constant’ with that being sccu. If that is the case then @Gary’s recommendation should work well.

I am really thick sometimes. I continued to use from people instead of with words found in the header which is why it wasn’t working correctly.

I really am sorry, I can’t seem to follow simple directions sometimes.

I believe I finally understand what you and @Gary have been trying top tell me. I’ll go through and update the rules I’ve been having trouble with and see how it goes.

Thanks again

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Just setup one for FPL (Florida Power and Light) so it had from People and with words from header so that didn’t work, Had to remove the from people rule, then it worked great.

Thanks again.

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Great. :wink:

Just ask if you have any further questions.