All of a sudden emails not showing in "SENT" folder

Everything was great but as of yesterday my sent emails are not showing up in the “SENT” folder? I am using POP 3 and the emails always showed in this folder? The folder is empty and I have tested it several times with no success. The sent are showing in my provider’s “SENT” (Hotmail) but not in EM Client?

Anyone out there have any ideas as to why this sudden occurrence is taking place???

Thanking you in advance.


I imagine you already checked this, but just in the slight chance, I will say the obvious.  In Settings, look in the Mail > Send section for the “Save copy of sent messages to the “Sent” folder” setting.  Ensure it is checked.  

Yes I did.


Problem has been corrected. Deleted account and then re-instated it and all is working great! Thanks for the reply Chris.