All my em client contacts have disappeared. How can I restore them?

do you have a backup file?  there is a file on the computer that hold these names but the only way I could fix it is to remote into your PC and find it    [email protected] 

Some had found this helpful 9 months ago .  Item is from a Russel

By any chance, is it possible that you hid the Contacts button from the main bar? You can check it by a right-click on the Menu, Calendar, Tasks … Buttons and see if the Calendar is marked as in the screenshot.


Also check your Account setting that the contact option is checked if you were getting them from your email account.

They are all checked.  Still not showing my contacts.

Tell me the name of my contacts file and I will search it out. I do not someone I don’t know take remote into my PC.  Thank you for offering.

If you use google gmail   check  account settings to see if google contacts are checked.

Menu    Tools  Accounts   

If using local folder for contacts  check that Local folder is also checked.

Menu Tools  Settings  

Just so we have more info  What email vendor are you using?
Did something happen and then the contacts disappeared?
Did you ever use the emclient backup process to backup your items ?

I no longer use GMail. I have found my contacts, but they don’t appear  under contacts.  I will check the local folder and see what happens.  Thank You.

make sure either the category or “Contacts” box is highlighted/checked.  If you just have the account name highlighted, no contacts will appear.

Local folders is checked. Yes I used EM client backup.  I have checked so many places, I forgot where I found them.  All 55 of there but not when I click on Contacts.

Have done that but when I click New Mail… To… it shows only one contact.