All my contacts are missing their email addresses after syncing with a Carddav server


When I sync’d EmClient (7.0.27943.0) on my Windows 10 PC with my ISP’s Carddav server, all my contacts that had email addresses were missing their email addresses. I added a new contact with an email address and it updated my Carddav with the email address.

I removed the Carddav account on my Emclient. I restarted EmClient and created the Carddav account again. All my contacts were missing their email addresses again except for the contact I created in Emclient earlier. Emclient is just not sync’ing my original email addresses.

I do not have this problem when my contacts are sync’d with iPhone contacts, which suggests to me the problem is in EmClient. Please advise me what to do to fix this issue.

are the addresses still available on your mail server?
What account/mail server did this happen with?