All messages from my inbox were deleted when I deleted my webmail server messages

When I deleted my message from my webmail server ALL of the message were also deleted from in Inbox so I’ve lost everything. What settings do I change to make it so this doesn’t happen again?

It sounds like you are using IMAP, which maintains a duplicate copy of the server database on eM Client and synchronizes the two.  Therefore, when you delete the server email, that change also appears on eM Client.  This is not a bug, but the intended behavior.  To avoid this, you can do a couple of things:

1.  Perform an auto archive, which puts the archived emails in local folders which do not sync to the server.  These items will remain, regardless of what you do in the live folders.

2.  Set up your account as POP3 and it will download all messages that come into the server inbox and they will also stay on the local client as POP3 does not synchronize.

If you need help with either of these options just let us know.

Do I need to remove the account and re-set it up again to make it POP3?  When I set it up the first time it automatically created the settings and I can’t see that I have the option to change those without starting over.  

Unfortunately, you cannot change an account protocol, instead you must set it up again as POP3.  To do this, do not use the automatic setup feature.  When you add the account, select the mail tab and then select other.  You can then manually enter the server/port and protocol information.  You can get this from your email provider.  After you setup your POP3 account, you can delete the IMAP one.

I don’t use POP3, but in the account settings, there should be a selection in the POP3 tab that allows you to leave the downloaded message on the server or delete them.

Thank you for your time.  

I am also having the problem that when I delete messages on the server they are deleted from my computer. I am using POP3 and have unticked synchronise but it still synchronises. The account settings do not show an option to leave the downloaded messages on the server or delete them.
 Do I need to open a new account to access this option - and then delete my current POP3 account?