All Mail Folder does not remove old/deleted emails

My All Mail Folder does not remove old emails. In my Inbox I have 901 emails (many of which I would like to remove - I have successfully reduced the content of my inbox in the past) and my Sent items amount to 2103 - again not all need be kept.
But the All Mail Folder has 10890 emails i.e. has a host of old emails the vast majority of which I removed/junked or deleted as I went. What is more if I now delete them from All Mail they get listed in my Trash folder. Where I delete them. And when I return to the All Mail folder they are back there again. This is presumably because they just part of a circular system where they don’t seem to ever be allowed to be deleted! Can someone please explain as these are taking up unnecessary storage space on Google who are constantly reminding me that I am running out of space!. The eMC account is fed through a Gmail account that I don’t use.