"All local accounts"

I see that eM has created for me its “Spam filter” rule for “all local accounts.” I have two POP accounts. I don’t want two. Both have the same email address. Nevertheless it seems that I must keep both–since when I look at the global inbox it reflects more messages than in the other inbox. On eM’s account page, one account sports the Outlook logo. (I used to use Outlook, but now can’t even open it.)

  1. There are zero messages in eM’s Junk folder but many messages received that are obvious spam. It seems eM’s spam filter isn’t working.
  2. Is eM’s spam filter supposed to extend to all my incoming messages, in both accounts?
  3. Is there any way of combining the two accounts, so I can use the one inbox? Or can I now simply delete eM’s “Outlook” account, without losing anything?
  1. eM Client’s spam filter is pretty basic. It only looks for the X-Spam tag in your mail header that can be added by a server that the message passes through. So if your server has not tagged the message as spam, eM Client will not act on it. eM Client does not have the ability to automatically detect spam based on content, origin or keywords. A better option is to use your email provider’s spam filter, so the spam is filtered out before it reaches eM Client. GMail is pretty good in this regard, but others also do a passable job.

  2. If you are getting spam repeatedly from the same sources, you can use eM Client’s blacklist feature. You right-click on the email and choose Move to Junk and blacklist … This will add the email or domain to a blacklist, so any further emails from that sender will automatically go to Junk. This will work on all incoming messages. Other options are there like using Rules to move messages based on content to Junk, but that is more than a couple of clicks to setup.

  3. Yes, you can combine the two accounts. Move the emails from the one you want to delete to the one you want to keep, then delete it in your account settings. Make a backup before you delete a POP account, just in case you delete the wrong one. After you have moved your messages you can use the Deduplicator to remove any duplicates. Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.

One point to note is that the account with the Outlook logo is probably not a POP account; it is most likely setup as IMAP. Deleting an IMAP or Exchange account will not delete the data as it is stored on the server but that information is not accessible by POP3 accounts. POP3 accounts store all email in local folders, so deleting the account will delete the messages.