All features iam missing since moving to eM Client


Not sure if this helps or if it will be received by the programmer-team, but here is what I think is missing:

  1. There is no “REPLY” icon. I want to know if I already answered to a mail.
    I know that you can have the REPLY icon if you turn off the conversation mode… but I really NEED the conversation mode activated.

It would also be cool if un-answered emails are RED colour (text in overview of mails) and GREEN when answered.

At the moment eM Client SOMETIMES shows that I replied to male (as a text info) and SOMETIMES NOT.

  1. When I get HMTL formatted mails then important parts of the mail are cutted off and not visible at all! I really missed some text from customers. If I adjust eM client to plain text… then I can read the missing text… but hey… in 2022 I would expect having a mail software that works with HTML. :slight_smile:

  2. Scroll bar could be bigger in the standard theme. (and in other thmes they’re even thinner…)
    I know I can change it by making a new theme somehow. But I like it when it works out of the box.

  3. I think there is a problem when customers send a second mail.
    For example… someone wants to order 10x part A.
    Then later he sends a mail… he will not need 10x part A at all… but part B.
    When it’s a bit of work to generate quotations and check files he sent in his first mail, but he actually don’t need it at all… then… ALL WORK WAS USELESS.
    So… not sure if there is anything where I can see it better that someone sent two mails after each other where I have not replied to.

  4. A “print” button which just prints for example a PDF document in a mail… to the standard printer

  5. Ability to copy the email sender “NAME”. As I need this to write quotations.
    I can copy the mail adress, but not the name.

(so I always need to add a “new contact”, then copy the name… then abort making a new contact.

  1. I can’t figure out how to make text to beeing quoted.
    Sometimes in need to combine some text from a customer… within thunderbird I could use a shortcut after highlighting a text… then it’s quoted. (or then it’s formatted as quoted text)

  2. It would be cool to have a simple BUTTON next to the mail or so which can be configured as a file location destination on my harddrive.
    For example:
    A customer sends a mail. And he also sends a file. I now need to look at my harddrive if there is already a folder… then move attachements to this folder.
    It would be cooler if there is a fixed location for every customer. And to be able to open this folder with… a single click.

At the moment iam missing mails that somehow did not get through.

I tried to search for mails which I should have received on a specific date - but… it’s impossible to search for all mails received on a specific date!

So… all in all… I can’t use eM Client. Iam back on Thunderbird mail :frowning:

There are options for this.

In version 8, click the down arrow in the Search Box and choose Advanced Search.

In version 9, click the options icon in the Search Box:

In version 8 this icon is hidden when using Conversations. Disable Conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations. In version 9 we have a thread view included in the message list where these icons are displayed. In both versions, the date and time you replied to a message is displayed in the message preview.

If this is quoted text and you are using conversations, it is collapsed behind three dots. Either disable conversations, or click on the dots to expand the quoted text.

You can edit the theme and change it, or download a pre-built version of the default theme with a wider scrollbar from here.

If you open the Contact Details right side-bar, you can see all correspondence to and from a sender. That includes the replied to icons.

Open the pdf file, and print.

The attachment is not saved on your hard drive. It is in the message.

I tried your suggested searching method to find any emails sent on a specific date…
but, for whatever reason it does not work for me

here is a video:

I also installed V9 to check if it works, but it just shows any random mails

The problem is I really NEED the conversations functions.
This feature is always buggy in thunderbird once a new version of thunderbird is beeing released.
So having a working conversations-function was my intention to buy eM Client.

I managed to reply to my own mails with eM Client. :smile:

Your search in the video is searching for messages from 13 and before 13. That won’t work. There is no actual time period between 13/1/2022 00:00:00 and 13/1/2022 00:00:00

It is like searching for messages between 1pm and 1pm. Never going to happen.

If the message was received on 13, then you need to search for messages from 13 and before 14.