All emails get marked important in my inbox. How do I ge this to stop occurring?

please make sure you are running the latest version -
Also, does this happen on only certain mail account or all of them?
If so, can you specify who is the mail provider/what mail protocol is this account set up with?


I am running the latest version.

I am only using this for one email account …Gmail. I have went into my Gmail settings and turned off the “mark as important” feature.

Hello Patrick,
dies the issue persist eve with this feature turned off?
Do you have the Important label enabled for IMAP (under the Labels setting in gmail web interface)?


The issue still exists with the feature turned off.
I don’t see an important label under IMAP. Do I need to have IMAP enabled ?

Might I also add that it is not every email I receive but it’s about 95%.

Hello Patrick,
unfortunately Google mail server marks all messages as Important automatically.
I discussed this with our team and unfortunately the only workaround at this time is to set up a rule on your server/in eM Client to remove the Important label from your messages.


I’m having this problem also. I tried setting up a rule, but I’m having difficulty. Can you suggest how to go about this?

I never got a resolution. I am constantly having to manually un-mark emails as important.

I suspected as much. I tried creating a rule (tried numerous versions), as well as going through email settings in gmail. None of the messages in gmail are marked! It’s only when they come into eM Client that they get the Important Label. This started very recently when eM Client upgraded to a newer version. 

Actually, it is being marked by gmail, but it may not be displayed by gmail… eM Client doesn’t mark anything, just accepts what gmail passes along.

The reason it happened with the update is due to eM Client following more closely the gmail standards (including conversations) in version 7. Version 6 and prior did not.

That being said, I think eM Client should allow the ability to turn this off at the eM Client level. I have seen many discussion in this forum on how to do it in gmail, but their success has been sketchy at best.

Thank you for the information! Is it possible to roll back my version of eM Client?

The upgrade to v7 should have left your data intact, just go here and select version 6

Thank you so much!