ALL email now goes straight to Trash

All of a sudden, without me changing anything, ALL my email began going straight to the Trash (not Junk) folder a week ago. I didn’t set any new rules prior to this happening, and I checked all my rules and don’t see anything that would do this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks - John Cox

Have you checked your web mail to see where those emails are on the mail server?

I don’t see any New filters there or anything that would do that - thanks!

I would recommend sending yourself an email and immediately close emClient, or better yet, have a friend send you an email with emClient closed. Then go into webmail and see if the email is in trash. If it is, then the issue is on the host site. If it is in your inbox, then open emclient (leaving webmail open to check), and see if the email gets moved. If you are using IMAP, does it then get moved on the host to trash. If so, you know the issue is with client.

If it is with emclient, then turn off all rules. Whether you see anything or not. and repeat the process.

Report back.

OK - I have a work Outlook email account and sent myself a test email with eMClient closed, which landed in my Inbox in my webmail. I opened eMclient and it was in my Inbox. That email stayed in my Inbox in eMclient and in webmail (it didn’t move). I then turned off ALL my rules in eMclient and repeated the process with exactly the same results. Then I had my wife email me - it’s also in both Inboxes . . . . maybe it’s fixed???

It may have been a temporary server issue, which your email provider has fixed.

eM Client won’t automatically delete messages unless you have specifically asked it to do that in a Rule.

Yes. I claim credit for fixing it. Really excellent remote support. The problem runs away as soon as it sees me coming, and I didn’t even have my hammer.

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