all-day events do not synch to eM Client

If an all-day event is created outside eMClient (eg in Gmail or in Exchange, it would not be displayed in eMClient). The event created in eMClient will synch properly with the other services.

Unfortunately eM Client is not known for reliably syncing with Google Calendar, but usually Exchange accounts are OK. 

Are you setup on Exchange with an IMAP or EWS account?


Strangely enough it’s not all all-day events, just some that don’t show up. Eg. I have a recurring one and that can be seen

Hi Klāvs,
can you please take screenshots of the differences in the calendar on the web vs in eM Client?
Full EWS logs will also be immensely helpful in analyzing this issue.

Go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced
Enable EWS logging for the affected account
Restart eM Client
Open the Calendar section, right-click the affected calendar, Properties, Repair, run the Repair to resync all current events.
Replicate the issue with a new event - create it on the web interface, ideally.
In eM Client and make sure to Refresh the view to see if the message is synchronized or not.
Take screenshots from the web interface and the Calendar section in eM Client showing the difference.

Then send the log files (location in Advanced settings), screenshots and the testing event (either saved into a file or at least copied code/information) to

Thank you for your cooperation.


it seems that I had not tested it properly. After a repeated test, I learned that the all day long events are synced if they are made in exchange either through app or through web interface. Same goes for gmail events that are made through exchange app. The one all day long event that stubbornly could not be synced to my eMClient app was created in gmail by somebody else and I was then invited to agree to this meeting. That is still not syncing. So my initial statement that all events created externally don’t sync was quite incorrect although there is a problem. Thanks for your answers!