All Calendar notification delayed by hours

Anyone else getting notifications hours after the event, not before?

What calendar are you using ? Is it an online cloud one or local calendar built-in.

I’ve tried to get emC to give me proper setup recommendations for this.

I have emClient on Windows 11. I have multiple calendars which I have under my gmail a/c(?). Anyway, they list together. I have all other accounts with calendar and tasks turned off.

I have (natch) a prime gmail account with shared and unshared calendars.

I have CalendarGoo on my smartphone.

From reading, my belief is that I should be able to have my appointments at least sync’d across two devices and in ‘the cloud’. I select GMT+10 in my setups, but not in every instance of setting an appointment, because I am (naively?) assuming that emClient knows that I mean local time (AEST or AEDST).

But at night I get a reminder to go to hydrotherapy hours earlier, for example.

Local folders is an entirely different subject of distress. Why emC programmers can’t work out how to ask 'do you want to use an existing emC data folder" during install and not trash the user’s life, I know, because it requires some thought.

Last installation but one I got into a huge mess trying to reenter my email accounts properly and I’m still getting errors years later when I try to create contacts, etc.

Are local folder calendars sync’d or not? No-one has been able to answer me this. See previous point that no-one in emC seems to be able to provide a recommended clean and well-functioning best-practise setup.

Multiple Gmail calendars should not have any issues if you have set them up via either the “Menu / Accounts / Add Calendar / Google Calendar” option or via the normal automatic wizard setup at the top of accounts, which includes the Calendar by default when adding the Gmail / Google accounts.

The only issue you might get is of you have added in Shared Calendars from other peeps where there can be delays from the other peeps shared calendars out of your control getting updated at your calendar end. I have issues with that from other eg: Outlook shared calendars.

Are local folder calendars sync’d or not.

Local calendars in eM Client are not synced to any other devices as they are only on the local computer and not remotely in the cloud.

Fine. So I was right not to use local folders.

So when I setup an account for, where am I supposed to point the default calendars / tasks / contacts if I want the
(Frackit, emC just crashed again. An error has occurred in the application that prevents it from continuing)
if I want to sync the calendars then the defaults should be to the / a gmail account, right?

So I had etc and that didn’t seem to work (exist?) and after fiddling it became, which of course didn’t exist.

Which is frustrating because I should be able to get a short answer (a) if you want to sync with another device/app (b) if you want to only store the information on your computer.

I have been spinning my heels on this issue for years. I’m trying to clean out my entire emC setup and start afresh, but I can’t get anyone to point me to the document that defines the envisaged setup (from SDLC). Yes, I have 14K+ unread messages over 2 years, plus filed messages, and I’m missing hundreds of contacts, but I can’t see any way around it.

The calendar is just the tip of the iceberg, so asking my setup is a rabbit hole you probably don’t want to go down.

Please, if (yuk) gmail is passing my calendar and contacts and tasks between OSs, then what should my default folders be?

Will that impact upon my reminders issue?