Alice mail and Imap

Hello, after installing em client i try to configure my “Alice Mail” account but with a problem: i cannot finish my configuration because i continuosly have a problem with IMAP, i check the door on the ISP and it is correct, i try to click" fix" but doesn’t work.
Anyone can help me?

For SMTP i don’t have any problem

What is your IMAP server and IMAP Port ?

My IMAP port 143 (reccomended on my ISP site)

Where can i check my IMAP server?

Ok. As i don’t know who Alice ISP is, so i can only Google the settings.

Looking around i can find an Alice IMAP Server which appears to match your port of 143, so this maybe your Internet Provider. I also tested the server and can telnet ok to that imap server with that port. So give these settings below a go for the incoming Imap server settings in EMClient.

Note:- If these settings are not correct for your Alice Mail server, then give your ISP a call on the phone and ask them what their specific Imap Incoming mail server settings are. Tell them you just want to use an Email Client.

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Username: Your email address is your username
  • Server hostname:
  • Server port: 143
  • Authentication: Password
  • SSL/TLS: No

Thank you, i try but doesn’t work

Ok. I would then contact your ISP by phone to check the IMAP settings etc.