Alias - sender name missing

I use Gmail and have set up in my Gmail account some time ago alias addresses. This is working properly.
The recipient will receive an email with the sender “first name last name <>”. Or “first name last name <>”.

If I send an email via an alias address in eM Client, the recipient sees only “<>”. So he sees only the email address, but not my name. Emails from my Gmail address to see the recipient with my name.

What am I doing wrong? In Thunderbird has always worked? Only in eM Client appears this error.

Ich nutze Gmail und habe in meinem Gmail-Konto schon vor längerem Alias-Adressen eingerichtet. Diese funktionieren auch einwandfrei.
Die Empfänger erhalten von mir eine Email mit dem Absender “Vorname Nachname <>”. Oder “Vorname Nachname <>”.

Wenn ich im eM-Client eine Email über eine Alias-Adresse sende, sieht der Empfänger lediglich “<>”. Er sieht also nur die Email-Adresse, aber nicht meinen Namen. Emails von meiner Gmail-Adresse sehen die Empfänger mit meinem Namen.

Was mache ich falsch? In Thunderbird hat das bisher immer funktioniert? Nur im eM-Client taucht dieser Fehler auf.

Hello Rony, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on the forum?

Thank you,

Hello and thanks for answer.
I use version 6.0.22344.0

Here you can see that GMX is set in my Google Account.

Here you can see that GMX is set in eM Client as an alias.

I sent four emails to my office.

Test 1 sent from Gmail
Test 2 sent from Gmail via alias
Test 3 sent from eM Client
Test 4 sent from eM Client via alias

The email from eM Client via alias appears at the receiver without attending name, only the address is visible. All other emails arrive with name.

I have more than one alias. This error is with all alias addresses.

Hello, sorry for this, this is unfortunately the expected behaviour at the moment, eM Client is not including the default sender ID when using aliases. We’re currently working on including this feature to upcoming releases including the option to setup an alias specific user ID.


Thank you for this information.Then I wait for the next release.