AirSync Broke Outlook Downloads

64-bit, x64 Windows 10, version: 21H2
Microsoft Outlook Server
emClient version: 9.2.1628

Recently, emClient recommended to switch from IMAP/SMTP to AirPlay protocol due to a fault in Microsoft Outlook’s Authentication scheme. This switch appeared to work, but recently I’ve noticed that a feature I depended on to automatically download my ‘Sent” folder from the Outlook server to my local ‘Sent’ folder. This is because this is an IMAP-only feature in emClient (“Download messages for offline use…”, under account sync options) that is apparently not available under AirSync, sans IMAP/SMTP.

I depended on this feature to download my messages to my local machine for two reasons: 1) so my smart phone email monitoring does not clog up with a zillion messages, and 2) because I don’t like the idea of my personal/private messages being held on Microsoft Outlook servers for any length of time… I don’ trust them!

Is it possible to restore this feature under AirSync or restore the IMAP/SMTP protocols, or some other option?

Thanks, and love the product!

AirSync (not AirPlay :wink: ) is used to sync calendars and contacts, and while your email provider has this issue with their server, to send messages. So it takes over the SMTP function.

It has nothing to do with IMAP, which you correctly say syncs the Sent folder from the server. IMAP still runs exactly as it should, for syncing all message folders with the server.

Download messages for offline use does not remove them from the server. With IMAP the messages are still stored on the server, and not in eM Client, but eM Client keeps on offline cache of those messages so you can access them when you are not connected to the Internet.