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I upgraded eM to 7.1.30794.0, previously i was able to use air sync with zoho mail and have all my email, contacts and calendar - now i get a Microsoft verification popup! this is despite entering the zoho server details. Any solution available to enable me to use the same service other than using imap and caldav (Carddav on zoho is not impimented)or stepping back a major version? 

The newer versions of eM Client do not support AirSync.  You will have to stick with the older versions (early 7.0) if you need it.

Sorry but the only solution still seems to be hope you have a copy of 7.0.27943.0 around, and you are substantially screwed because it won’t let you go back unless you delete everything emclient under appdata/* in your user folder. All locally stored data will be lost.

The only program you can use on a PC is the Windows 10 mail app in Creators Update or later.

Em Client change log shows updated support fixes for tiny random ISPs, but for Zoho and (the largest email provider in Canada) the response is “Go away, we don’t want to play with you any more”.

Techpotato, if you need to downgrade to 7.0.27943, I have some suggestions that might help to overcome the database incompatibility problem.

You could export all your data, or you could temporarily connect to an IMAP account supporting calendars and contacts and sync everything like that. You can additionally keep some other things like rules, QuickTexts and categories, so all is not lost. I think the short time it will take to reconfigure your other settings is well spent if you want to continue with AirSync support. As you say, no other clients are offering this support except for Windows, so eM Client it is still an option where there are no others.

I think that the fixes for small ISPs mostly deal with small issues, not a major one like a protocol that is not supported by any other desktop mail clients.

Techpotato, I was just speaking with someone who said “why not use IMAP”?

Zoho offers all the protocols supported by the latest eM Client release; CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP, SMTP, POP3.

IMAP does not sync Calendars and contacts. What’s the point of having email if you can’t actually send someone an email because you have no contacts.

Sure, you can import the contacts into em Client, but then you have a local contact list and it doesn’t sync changes with your phone or tablet or watch or Mac or web-based mail.  If my clients wanted that then they would just use Outlook.

Neither Zoho nor Shaw support CalDAV or CardDAV, and of course neither does Outlook.

Actually, Zoho does support both CalDAV and CardDAV.



So setup your account as IMAP, with CardDAV and CalDAV in the latest version of eM Client.

Well Zoho are not good at announcing their updates! when i first posted carddav was still in development ! But as Gary says it now works and is an acceptable solution! now i have email contacts and calendar sync ! Just a note! zoho say use and i guess that is right for most! but mine is ! same with the caldav! Now what would be nice would be a an initial setup for imap , caldav, and carddav so as one account is registered and the services are on tabs to be populated.
Great news 

I will check that out again. Last time I tested it it only supported Mac computers and you had to confirm you had a Mac to get access.

That will help me and the 3 clients I have who use Zoho. It doesn’t help the 400+ clients who use Shaw, who may have been extra upset because they also had to use the paid version since V7 due to the fact that they needed two accounts - IMAP for email and EAS for contacts and calendar (the IMAP in accounts was hard-coded to ignore the “save copy in sent” setting).

Why did they need to purchase a Pro License? You can use the Free License with two accounts.

I think maybe you need to recheck There is no problem with saving a copy to sent when using IMAP. (ie. Hotmail) saves all mail sent through it’s SMTP to the sent folder. Shaw does not. The option to save a copy to “sent” is (was) ignored in emClient.

Yes, if they  ONLY have a Shaw account, and are not syncing with any other account they could use the free version (if they are not using emClient for business use or other conditions of the TOS).

Techpotato, with a Free License you can have 2 accounts. So + one more.

_1. accounts was hard-coded to ignore the “save copy in sent” setting

  1. (ie. Hotmail) saves all mail sent through it’s SMTP to the sent folder._

Which statement are you making your stand on? It can’t be both.

Both statements are true.

Emclient hard-codes ignoring the _"save copy in sent"setting   to the way Hotmail IMAP works  so if you set it “On” for Shaw it has no effect and sent messages are not sent. _That means that you need to set-up a separate IMAP for Shaw, plus “” Activesync set to the Shaw server ( for the calendars and contacts.

eM Client does not ignore save to sent with If you are using POP3 they will be in your local sent folder. If you are using IMAP or Exchange they will be in your online sent folder.

If you do have an account that mysteriously does not save sent items to a sent folder, you can create a rule to do that.

But whatever you want to do, on a free license you can use both your email account and your email account. That is not a problem. And if you add an additional CalDAV or CarDDAV account, you will notice that the free license does not count those as violations and disable them.

Are you maybe configuring the wrong account?

ignoring the "save copy in sent"setting   to the way Hotmail IMAP works  so if you set it “On” for Shaw it has no effect and sent messages are not sent.

Yes, if you change the setting in your account, it will not effect your Hotmail account.

Shaw requires EAS - so for emclient it must be set up as a Hotmail account and change the server to

emclient 7 broke that by using IMAP for mail and only using EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) for Calendars and Contacts. 

Hotmail automatically saves messages sent through their SMTP server to their Sent folder. Shaw does not – they require you to configure your mail client to save it’s own copy in the sent folder. Emclient has an option to adjust this behavior but ignores it for “” account types, so you need TWO accounts, one for calendars and contacts and one for mail.

This was then TOTALLY and punitively broken in June of 2017 when they issued an “update” to HARDCODE OAUTH for all accounts using the “” account type, regardless of  the server name, breaking all Shaw accounts and other businesses that use EAS and all ZOHO users (Unless, as you claim, ZOHO now supports CalDAV and CardDAV for non-Mac users).

I didn’t mean to start an argument. I apologize. I only came back here because I opened EM Client to convert my address list to a format needed for my Christmas cards. It popped up one of it’s deadly update notices and it said it fixed issues with a number of ISPs so I popped in to see if they fixed Shaw and the angels were singing and EM Client would stop making my life a living hell.

I no longer recommend, promote, use, or support em Client because every time I visit a client who uses it, and it tricked them into doing an “update” it costs me $50 to reimburse them for the cost of em client because I recommended it. Except for the rare case where a client is using Gmail/g-suite and prefers an Outlook-style email program to the faster and more powerful Gmail interface ALL of my clients who use EM Client do so because they use their email (a very few with Zoho).

I just wish Windows 10 mail wasn’t so darned ugly.

“Shaw requires EAS - so for emclient it must be set up as a Hotmail account and change the server to”

When you setup the account in eM Client 6, you changed the server to, what email address did you use as the username?

The server needs to be and the user name is officially the email without the but I have found that the whole email address works too.

OK, I think I understand. has nothing to do with the equation, except that you want to use the same settings. I was confused about that. account types are Exchange accounts, and you are right, by default they save the sent items to the online sent items folder without the option to change that. It is not that doesn’t save the sent items, it is that using with the same settings as, the sent items are not saved (makes complete sense now). As is just ignoring sent items you can use a rule to do the same thing that you want in the account settings.

Just select your local sent folder as the destination. Irrespective of what the server wants to do, eM Client will save a copy in the local folder you have chosen.

It is unfortunate that AirSync has pretty much died, and from what I managed to find, is being evasive about it’s future plans for that protocol. I think you may be in the same boat as many others who recommended specific email clients for accessing their servers. As users update their software on other clients, they are going to find that they no longer have the option of AirSync either.

So the solution is to setup as IMAP or POP3. Add a rule for sent items if you are using IMAP. Then add your CaLDAV and CardDAV accounts for calendars and contacts. All done on a single Free License for eM Client. Will take about 15 minutes and will save you the $50. But then maybe your time is worth more than that. You decide how best to keep the client happy. And this way they can also keep the beautiful eM Client interface. :slight_smile:

Actually, IMAP does not make sense if the sent items are not there. What is the point of having email, if you can only have half of them on your other devices? A better solution would be to find another email provider.