AI to Compose and Reply on emails


I was just testing the BlueMail on android phone. It has the GEM AI to write and reply to emails by referring to sender’s message.

Can we get this feature on EMC windows.

Attached the screenshot for reference.

This is coming in version 10 to be released later this year.

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lunes 15 enero 2024 :: 1415hrs (UTC +0100)

Personally I do not like the idea of AI alongside email, I prefer to personally compose and reply myself, I believe the personal touch is important, however, I do accept that AI could be a solution for some with the proviso that there is a notation stating that AI is the author.

It is perhaps possible that AI generated email could be helpful for marketers who want to streamline their email writing process because they do not have the time or capability to do so themselves and that this could boost their campaigns, but it is doubtful in generating/answering complex documents in day to day use, for instance, banking, legal, medical.

There are also drawbacks in using AI to establish/maintain communication, not least the potential for AI generated content to be less effective than that written by real people, although AI is becoming more sophisticated, it may still struggle to understand the nuances of human language and could result in messages that are unclear, wrong and fail to convey the intended meaning.
There are limitations of AI in creating content for all needs, with the difficulty in marketing of capturing the “voice of a brand”. It is important for users to weigh the pros and cons of AI in email communication and determine what is best suited to their particular needs and goals. It is definitely not a panacea for all eventualities.


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