AHHHHHHH, where are my sent emails? I can see a couple folders in outlook marked "sent", but nothing is going in there.........

Everything is synced beautifully, but I can’t see my emails that I’ve sent out.  What’s the point of syncing to Outlook, if I have to keep opening my gmail account to verify an email’s been sent.   AAAhhhhhhh, this is so frustrating.   Not computer literate

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using? We’ve recorded an issue with some mail service providers where emails were not moved to the sent folder, but the issue should be fixed in this release.

Please update your client to this version and check if the issue persists.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul, but it would seem that I am looking at my emails through Outlook 2013, using a 2 step verification system (which I have no clue what that is) and it’s syncing Fieldston Software, instead of em Client.   I just tried to enter the license key for eM Client and it’s saying my password is incorrect.   I’m just going to forego changing anything.   It’s too difficult to know what’s doing what without proper on-the-phone technical support.   Thanks anyway, it’s just not worth the headaches.

I think what eM client and all other apps need to provide a step-by-step document on how to install, then how to do the stmp setup and how to do the imap set-up and/or whatever else needs to be changed upon download.   And what ever happened to phone support?   This back and forth is ridiculous. 

Ok, let us know if you come across any other issues/questions that we might be able with if you ever come back to eM Client again.


There’s no need for a step-by-step document for setup since eM Client can use autodiscover on basically every common service. You just enter your email address and password and eM Client sets up the rest. There’s also help guide included in the application. eM Client has a PRO support line in case you purchase the application and even though it’s mostly handled online, if there’s a case where spoken word is needed everything can be done.

Thank you for understanding,