AGGHHH!!! - Outlook connector change in latest release

Latest release appears to have changed the Outlook connector (but nothing in release notes).  Previous release would quite happily connect to a Zarafa installation after changing the server details to the Zarafa target - and AirSync would connect to the ActiveSync Zarafa target and work with calendars and contacts.  Brilliant.

The latest version however, seems to ignore anything in the individual account/server tabs (for IMAP/SMTP/AirSync) and talk directly to a Micro$oft server. REAL DOWNER!!!  Is there any chance of a new release that supports both possibilities?  The former version worked perfectly with Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol - the current version doesn’t

I believe eM Client has discontinued their AirSync support since all the Microsoft email accounts went to Exchange.

Doesn’t get away from the fact that it was useful elsewhere though(!) - why remove(?) something but leave the option to set Outlook accounts up? The fact that you could change the connection details and connect to another ActiveSync server (like a mobile phone does) was a real plus.  That’s now gone.

Not sure why they decided to remove ActiveSync support, other than it could cause user confusion with Outlook accounts, since they also no longer support ActiveSync.  Also, they probably did not want to support it in the future.  I agree though.  It’s one thing to not develop something because there is little demand and it’s another to take it away if it was working.

Precisely. Rename it “Zarafa Connector” or “SoGo Connector” - it worked with both!  What I now need to know is what version was the last to provide AirSync (ActiveSync) support? - I’ve installed the last 2 and neither work.

I’m pretty sure that the early 7.0 versions did support it, as that was when Microsoft was going through their transition to Exchange.  Maybe try 7.0.27804.0 (Oct 2016) and if that doesn’t work, go back to 7.0.26687.0. (July 2016).  Good luck!

ActiveSync is used by a number of email servers like Zimbra and Horde. My Zimbra account has stopped working now. I agree with Richard. This makes Em Client a lot less useful. If I have to have an Outlook account, why would I need Em Client?

Agreed Richard. A real step back. I was working just great on the latest release of 7.0. Do you know how to fall back?

First, just as a precaution, I would back up the database.  Uninstall the current version.  Install the old version.  You should be OK.  The uninstall program does NOT delete the data.

Older versions can be found at:

I’ve not been able to go back far enough as the earlier versions don’t appear to work on the latest incarnation of Window 10.  Luckily I had a trial version in a VM that I was using to test against SoGo/ActiveSync (it worked).  I used that to transfer my contacts to a fruux setup and access the calendar via caldav (to a ClearOS server).  The downside of that is that I now have to support two contact servers … the fruux version as well as my home server (that services our phones) via ActiveSync, whereas the AirSync that used to be in eM Client talked quite happily to the ActiveSync servers.  I’m now seriously considering dumping eM Client as it’s now a worse solution than I had before.  Feels like I’ve stepped back 5 years.

Hello Richard,

I am sorry to hear that but I have to post my reply from other thread.

“I would like to point out that ActiveSync was not supported by eM Client before the last update. There was a workaround that allowed using this service with eM Client with the older version but it is no more available after the update. I am sorry to say that but for Microsoft services you will have to use the Exchange protocol.”



The version I have is 7.0.28822.0. It works with ActiveSync. Truly unbelieveable that these guys wouldn’t support it anymore when it is so widely used. Way more than CalDAV and CardDAV . Even the cheapest cell phone supports it.

To me it really makes eM Client far less appealing. I guess it is ok if you don’t use it to sync calendars and contacts across devices but really who doesn’t?

It seems typical to me that many people who use eM Client would also have a cell phone. So, in this situation when a person that updates a contact on eM Client, their cell phone contact won’t be updated. If they enter an appointment on  their cell phone, eM Client won’t be updated.

 In fact, eM Client’s own configuration around contact and calendars are governed by whether or not it the protocol used supports calendars and contacts. If you set up an IMAP, you can not associated a calendar or contact list with the account. It can only be a “local account”.

What a mess.

But I’m NOT using Microsoft services!!!  I’m using Zarafa - which has ActiveSync (AirSync) capability!! - as does (for example) SOGo!  As a retired software engineer, I’m quite capable of running my OWN mail server - why would I want to use what Micro$oft THINK I need/want?
[Why don’t people read any more?]

Correct Richard. The ActiveSync TAB is still on my version which is 7.028822.0. So, if it wasn’t supported in this version, why is the TAB there to select ActiveSync?

Anyway, this the last known working version that I am aware of. I wouldn’t “upgrade” past this version. I have tied to set up an internet calendar but it crashes Em Client when I try to add an meeting. The calendar also doesn’t get updated when I update the calendar on the server.

Truly, mind boggling that the cheapest cell phone email client works with ActiveSync but not this email client.

AirSync is still available in the current version 7.1.32088.

When you setup your account, choose Mail > Outlook.

You will get IMAP/SMTP/AirSync for your account, but you might find it works better if you setup your account as Exchange. EWS certainly handles calendars better.

I tested an account this morning with AirSync, and it works just fine with events and tasks. That is on the latest version 7.1.32088.

I mentioned in your other post Randy, that Internet Calendars are read-only, so you can’t create or edit events in eM Client. All the tests that I did show that the calendar does update from the Internet on the synchronise frequency in your settings. doesn’t use AirSync - and hasn’t for a while, so I’m sorry, but AirSync doesn’t work - in any case, if you read the thread, you’ll notice that we’re complaining about the ‘AirSync’ tab now being misnamed … it used to work with Zarafa/SOGo and, with the changes, no longer does.  We’d actually like the original implementation to be reintroduced so emClient works with the non-M$ mail server applications.  Yes I know we can use IMAP/POP, but we’d also like the ActiveSync(/AirSync) capability that used to be there for the contacts side of things.  I’ve had to bastardize my setup and now use Fruux - not ideal as I’d prefer to keep full control over my mail/contacts and not use outside agency.
Oh, and EWS is not the same as ActiveSync; they are completely different protocols.  If you don’t believe me, just check M$'s own website …

Actually does provide AirSync. The server is, and it does work. That is definitely an EAS server.

If the AirSync tab is misnamed in eM Client, what is the protocol being used there? Maybe you can shed some light on that, Richard. But by default it is certainly connecting to EAS with that setting.

I never said EWS was the same as EAS. I said that you might find setting up the account as Exchange works better. That post definitely says that EWS works better than AirSync, thus if not specifically saying so, certainly implies that they are different. Like if I said IMAP works better than POP3, I would not expect you to assume they were the same.

But as I said, we DON’T want to use M$ servers! We want to use our OWN servers - Zarafa/SOGo/etc that support EAS; we DON’T want to use (ie M$).  You used to be able to change the field to access an EAS server of the user’s choice, but now, even if you change the field to the server you want to use, emClient appears to ignore it and insists on the Hotmail server.
It would be nice to know that BOTH options are supported - Hotmail AND the EAS server of the individual’s choice.  Hence my comment about ‘misnamed’ - better to add a tab to say EAS and allow a user-specified server, and remove the same option in the OUTLOOK tab.

Oh and here …  Notice the comment about ‘previously’ - M$ seems to have changed things 2/3 years ago, and I recall a statement that EAS is now deprecated.

I guess it’s possible that emClient has modified things in the last couple of releases to re-enable use of a user-specified server; I’ve not tried as I’ve now completely reconfigured my system and I’ve no desire to go over the same ground again (unless I know it’s going to work…)


I am uncertain what the difficulty is for this issue to be understood by Em Client Support and some well meaning folks like Gary.

ActiveSync worked up to the version  7.0.28822.0. After that, the Em Client developers broke it. Em Client tries - from some inexplicable reason - to log onto Microsoft’s website if you upgrade beyond this version using accounts that use ActiveSync. (See the link:…)

My simple cell phone email, contact and calendar client(s) works just fine with email servers like Zimbra and Hourde so it is not an ActiveSync issue. 

If I was using a Microsoft email server, I would be using Outlook. To me, it is odd that the Em Client developers decided to mess up ActiveSync but still have the tab in their software as Gary has shown.

You won’t get a straight answer here. My advice is to fall back to this version or one even earlier.