Agenda Sidebar Has Wrong Start/End Times

see the pic. compare Start and End times in the sidebar to the event window.

i see if i change the time zone in the event window, that fixes it. But, Both screens should display the same time, no matter the time zone.

how do i change my global time zone?

it makes no sense to have a ‘time zone’ picker for Start Time, and ANOTHER time zone picker for End Time-- an event is not going to start in one time zone, and end in a different time zone.

Using eM 6. You need to add version 6 to GetSatisfaction in the “Related Product” section of GetSatisfaction.

Hi, Google has started to send UTC as all timezones to certain users. There is not much we can do about it at this moment but we are trying to find fix to it.

Event times should be okay anyway, but just to be sure if you are having the same issue do you live on southern hemisphere? Of not then what is your timezone?



Try to use this version… this issue should be solved in it.


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