Agenda panel status not remembered

For me, the “Agenda” panel on the right-side of the main window is very crowded. I typically minimise some sections such as “No Date”, “Yesterday”, and some of the distant future sections to reduce this clutter.

The problem I have is each time I start em Client, I need to do this; the program does not remember the minimisation status of each of the sections.

Thank you for reporting - we are aware of this issue and have it on our todo list already.


Apparently, this issue has not been solved yet, or am I missing something?

I think this is an important feature for anyone with many tasks and events. Alternatively, an option should be provided to hide non-needed sections (which is probably even better).


The only thing I am aware you can do is to limit the future items to be displayed. On the Agenda tab, click on settings and then click on “Show upcoming events”. You can then choose how far into the future it will display.

Hi Jay,

Thank you for your reply.

In case eM Client support is reading this, this only works for events (so tasks still show up in “in two weeks”, "later"etc categories).