Agenda items are duplicates and won't delete

I have events listed in the sidebar Agenda that are showing up twice and include events that have been deleted from my calendar. I can’t get rid of either the duplicates or the events that have been deleted. What can I do?

Same thing. Duplications of all items in Agenda sidebar only. Duplication not showing on any of the Calendar views. Folder information is missing from duplicates. Each time sync is performed, another duplicate agenda item appears. Cannot delete duplicates.

Additionally, All day events change to 5pm events after sync.

If you are getting duplicate calendar events in the calendar or sidebar sounds like something has gone wrong with your database in eM Client and it’s out of sync somewhere.

So If you have an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud calendar account, I would first backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then see if you can repair it, by right clicking on the word “Calendar” directly under your account and click properties at the bottom. Then click “Repair” at the top and run the repair.

If you don’t have the repair calendar option, or the repair doesn’t make any difference, then suggest to completely “remove your Calendar account” and “readd as new” which should definitely fix the issue. Remember to backup before removing.