After windows update to 1803, I lost everything in eMclient.

I am using eMclient for my personal Google accounts, both on my work workstation and my laptop.
This morning both computers have been upgraded to Windows 10 – 1803. On the laptop I face no problem. On the workstation, I lost all the accounts, settings and most important the tens of rules that I set. I do not mind about the accounts and settings that is easy to configure again. The problem is the rules. It is important to find them and import them. The work station is part of the domain.

The database is stored in the user profile. If after the upgrade you are using a different user profile, then you will not have your old database.

Close eM Client and go to C:\Users[username] where [username] is the old profile and copy the_ _\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder to your new profile. After restarting eM Client, you will have everything back.

You can also restore from your last backup.

Yes, I already found the data. The thing is that, I am using the same profile as before the upgrade.

\ServerName\Share\UsersName\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

It’s like the eMclient is using a different path.