After Windows reset password problem

Having had to do a Windows reset which wipes out your apps I attempted to download a new copy of eMClient. The installer didn’t recognize my old password and resetting it requires the use of email which is not an option. How do I resolve this? Perhaps you could erase data from my account so I could sign on as a brand new user; that sounds simple enough.

I am a little confused (not out of the ordinary for me lately)…

Is the password you are being asked for the eMC startup password or the account password?
Do you have a backup of eMC somewhere?
Have you tried logging onto your web mail account (your email host)?

Why is that?

If I understand your first question, I believe it’s the acct password, I didn’t use a startup password. And no, I didn’t have a backup. Also, the routine that processes password recovery is part of the eMC installation program so I don’t think that going to my webmail account is an alternative

The problem is that during the installation process the program asks me for my password (assumedly the password I had been using prior to the reset) and it didn’t recognize what I entered. The next step then is to send an email in order to go through the password reset process. Since I haven’t installed eMC yet, that’s why I can’t send an email.

So if web mail is not the answer, according to your response, I will back out of this and allow you to work with others to resolve your problem.