After Win8.1 update: crashes & gmail problems

After Win8 --> Win8.1 (64bit) upgrade eM Client (v6.0.23181.0) crashed always after start-up.
The main window + the gmail login-page windows were displayed before the “crash”-pop-up showed up. This happened at every start up.

After repair install and reinstalling nothing changed.

After uninstall, & manual deletion of the eM Client data folder things got slightly better:
the crashes stopped, but gmail authentication goes into a loop:

  1. login page is displayed --> enter correct username & password
  2. “eM would like to…” page is displayed --> accept --> goto 1)

It looks like that eM Client is always opening IE for those gmail prompts (i.e. not the default browser which in my case would be Chrome) and that the Win8.1 upgrade changed something in the IE that eM Client is not compabtile with

Hello, eM client is using Internet Explorer for browser features and some other core features of the IE core, we’re working on a new release that will be using Chrome as the default browser for better compatibility? Unfortunately the login loop is known issue that occurs on some workstations with the latest releases, but unfortunately we’re unable to resolve the problem in the current release as it’s caused by an invalid/expired token - we’re unfortunately not quite sure why this occurs.

We’re however still inspecting the problem and try to improve the behaviour. If your account was successfully authenticated you should no longer have issues with the account, and when this occurs, dismissing the login should allow you to synchronise the account again.


Yes, the account is succesfully authenticated but it still does not synchronize any data = I cannot access my emails & calendar, eM Client is currently totally useless…

Funny enough, if I run diagnostics (via “Accounts”…) all tests pass and I even get the test email.

If I use IE to log in to gmail everything works just fine.
Anyway using IE doesn’t sound like a very good choice, because I have already had trouble earlier with IE’s settings - MS SW updates/installation have modified IE settings and eM Client has stopped working because the IE is not able to login to google anymore (e.g. due to modified cookie-settings), etc. etc.

However there’s one oddity with the gmail login prompt:
If I login to gmail directly with IE I get an English page, but if I use eM Client - the page is in German.
I have an English Win8.1, but because I’m in Germany I also have some German language options enabled (e.g. German keyboard layout and time & number formats) --> eM Client seems to ignore the actual settings, maybe picks them up from an older installation?

Since the eM Client uninstaller doesn’t come with “remove settings” option I’m not sure that I removed everything before reinstalling.
—> could you please tell me what I need to do to make a complete uninstall i.e.:

  • which files/directories to remove after uninstalling eM Client?
  • which registry entries to remove
  • anything else that might still be there from a previous install

Hello, unfortunately the application is currently dependant on the IE release and some of it’s settings for example for cookies, scripting or clipboard management. We’re however working on a new release that will include Chromium support to avoid these issues in future (–chromium-134).

You can remove the application database by navigating to your local user/AppData/Roaming folder and by renaming or removing the eM Client database folder you’ll force the application to create a new one on next application startup, this will however remove all your database data as well.

You can try to re-synchronise your account with a  new database and check if the issue persists. If it does, please make sure to let us know, but I do not recommend clearing the registry files as this is not completely necessary, you can uninstall the application using the Add or Remove programs in control panel or by using installer for the current release to repair the installation: 6.0.23181.0.



uninstall+reinstall and repair does not change anything, with or without removing the “~\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” directory.

Do you have a some sort of a beta-programm where people could try beta (alpha) releases of the new versions?
Now I’m stuck with outlook, but I’d really like to use eM Client - actually I was planning to buy a license to get a full version of the eM Client … but at the moment I’m not very convinced about the license anymore.

best regards,

Are you using any security software on your computer that may be blocking the connection between the server and the client? Unfortunately we’re not quite sure why else would the application get into a loop like you describe, this is not what users having issues with the lost token have reported.

Make sure no security elements are blocking the connection for MailClient.exe to the mail server in order to authenticate with the server.


Please have a look at my previous posts:

  • client and server connection works (login page & login itself is fine)
  • diagnostics (IMAP & SNMP) show no errors
  • I can login to gmail with IE without problems

i.e. I cannot imagine anything that could be blocked and cause this.
… and yes, I have tried with all firewalls & antivirus disabled - does not help.

FYI: because I was able to login to gmail with IE without problems I decided to try the following:

  1. start eM Client
  2. login to google when eM Client shows the login page --> the “eM would like to…” page is displayed
  3. press ctrl+n in the “eM would like to…” page --> this opens a new IE window (with the “eM would like to…” window URL)
  4. in the new IE window click “accept” to allow eM Client to access google apps --> this displays a page with “copy the code below and enter it in the application…” - ignore this code
  5. switch back to eM Client and click accept also in the eM Client’s “eM would like to …” window
    –> I’m ouf of the authentication loop and things started to work!