After upgrading to 7.2, no longer am able to click on links in the Meeting Description

Hi –

After upgrading to eM Client 7.2, realized that I am no longer able to click on any links within the Calendar description – this worked fine in 7.1.x, and is imperative when using Skype or other online meeting tools.  I couldn’t find any setting that would enable this.

Is this a known bug and/or is there a fix?  It’s particularly bad with Skype meetings as the “Join Meeting” link is an embedded link and doesn’t show the full address that could be copied/pasted into a browser.


Yes, this is a real stumbling point now.  Also enabling links in the location would be _ very _ helpful because we generally use a skype/zoom/etc link as the location for an online meeting

Hi…new EM Client user…I am considering purchasing a license, and am trying this software out…I just ran into this, and this is a critical feature for me.  I schedule video meetings all the time, and not being able to click a link in the calendar seems to be a major omission…is this being worked on?  This post was from 10 months ago?