After upgrade to v8 - client no longer starts!

PC received an update and upgraded to v8 (8.0.2951.0) yesterday. Happily used for the remainder of the day.

This morning; the client does not even start!
EMCLIENT.EXE appears in the tasklist for a seconds and then disappears.
I can see check_db.txt being created in the MAIL folder but with 0KB and a file entitled cef.log is created in LOGS.

cerf.log contains the following -
[0717/] Invalid file descriptor to ICU data received.
[0717/] Check failed: result.
cef_string_utf16_to_upper [0x115EED43+122489]
cef_string_utf16_to_upper [0x115ECB52+113800]
GetHandleVerifier [0x116FB2B5+311541]
cef_zip_reader_create [0x11439B3E+25454222]
cef_zip_reader_create [0x11439485+25452501]
IsSandboxedProcess [0x11FFADD9+3214885]
cef_string_map_size [0x115B0F81+760977]
cef_string_map_size [0x115B0DE2+760562]
cef_initialize [0x0FBC124F+174]

I’ve restarted a number of times with zero luck!


So after a third attempt to repair client. I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled and only then could I access my mailbox again!

I’m not really happy with this and may jump ship to another client. I didn’t realise a new license was required too for V8!.

Not really impressed.