After update to v9 mail is unreadable

Ater update of eM Client (from 8 to 9) some email massages in my Inbox is displayed incorrectly.
In v8 it is correct but in v9 I only se a bunch of random characters.
It seems like a hash of some kind. It begins with “----boundary_11648_ed0b3a41-e414-444b-828c-2fedbb56d21b Content-Type: text/html Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 PGh0bWw+PGhlYWQ...” and ends with “...MRQmdWQXt2+hRtXbkqfRBlqlJRz7l6+ff2qTCaJ YiSQfw0fRhyXGJphiR2fDAgAOw== ----boundary_11648_ed0b3a41-e414-444b-828c-2fedbb56d21b--”.

The mal is through my connected gmail and do contains images (i.e. html-code)

Does all your email look ok via Gmail online in your browser ?

Also do you use IMAP or POP with Gmail.

If it looks ok online via your browser and you use Gmail, remove and re-add your Gmail IMAP acct via the automatic email wizard in V9.

Then backup once all synced and working via “Menu / Backup”.

Removing and readding the gmail account worked.

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… but only temporarily.
After restart of eM Client the problem is back.

What happens if you right-click in the message body of an affected message and choose Properties > Repair > Repair?

Well, that did the trick! Thanks!
Didn´t know of that feature.

But why does it occour only in v9? I have v8 on my other computer and theres I have never had this problem.