after update em client asking for licence

After todays update I am prompted to enter licence key, help please.

I also had to activate again.
If em client is for lifetime, why the experation date?
My license expires on 20-4-2015???
I use this client on 2 computers and like it very much.

When I go to ‘help’ in em-client and go to ‘license’, then I see the experation date…

There are several questions about this license problem. WHy not make this clear for everybody?
Lifetime means: no experation.

Hello Ron, we had a short and unexpected server downtime in the past couple of hours, hopefully everything is in order again, if the issue persists ,please try to re-activate using your activation key or let me know if the issue reoccurs. Also please note that eM Client licenses do not expire, and the expiry date is automatically extended each year.

eM Client should only display application issue date, not expiry date.



You say: eM Client should only display application issue date, not expiry date.

Well why does em client say in the lisence: expiring date?

Here is my lisence from help/lisence (verloopdatum = expiringdate)

That’s issue date Karel, but maybe the translation is not correct, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Thank you,

Thank you for reporting this, we’ll try to improve the translation soon, however this date is supposed to be an Issue date (it is in fact), only the translation is misleading.


Oke Paul, understood, thx 4 the quick solution! Have a nice day.

I have the free version runnig and I am asked for a license key that I don’t have because I have the free version. Maybe I just don’t remember having one. But also my email adresses aren’t recognized by your system. So I assumed I don’t need a license for a free version. The message I get is:

Problem solved
Here I got a free license

Hello, we seem to be having a small issue with the license server, that may have caused your license to unsign, you should be able to resolve the issue by re-activating using your license if the issue reoccurs. Please make sure to let us know if the issue reoccurs.