After update CalDAV/CardDAV don't work

After update to 8.1.876 (234bb7a) my CalDAV/CardDAV account empty (no contacts).
Server: DAViCal
OS: Windows 7
Solved: I downgraded to 8.0.2820 (9cbab9d) and all worked.

CalDAV and CardDAV certainly work with 8.1.876, so maybe it was a connection issue.

Next time you update, if it does not work, can you please provide the error which you will find in Menu > Operations. Look for any CalDAV or CardDAV errors in the Log tab.

Same here, with Update to 8.1 the CalDAV and CardDAV Accounts disappear in em Client. There are no errors in the logs. We are using

I had the same issue with Baikal a few weeks ago (Version 8.1.876.0). That’s why I downgraded to Version 8.0.3283 where CalDAV/ CardDav is working fine.

If you upgrade to the latest version available in the Release History, is the issue still there?

If it does not work with the latest version of eM Client, does completely disabling your anti-virus/firewall or VPN allow the connection to the CalDAV?

Now I’m staying at 8.0.2820 (9cbab9d).
When I tried upgrading to 8.1.876 (234bb7a) I had no problem connecting to the CalDAV / CardDAV server.
I saw my calendar entries and no connection errors.
I also saw contacts from a resource delegated for my account but no contacts from my account.
I have no antivirus, no firewall, no VPN.

After updating to 8.1.979 I can’t see the calendar, tasks or contacts from the CalDAV/ CardDAV server. As I sad in V. 8.0.3283 the access worked fine. No connection errors & Antivirus etc.

OK, so you are both on the same page.

What happens if you setup the CalDAV again after upgrading to 8.1.979?

Setting it up again is not working. The connection seems to be fine. When I tried to login with wrong user data the Server reports “unauthorized”.With correct data I don’t get a notification.

The problem is, that I can’t see or select the standard folder for calendar, task and contacts. This was possible in the former Version.

It works OK for me with CalDAV and CardDAV, so I wonder if it is server specific.

If either of you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket with eM Client.

Ok I’ll open the ticket.


Also with the latest version. Setting it up with new Accounts will cause no errors, except using wrong credentials. But still the accounts are not showing in em Client so I can´t use them.

The accounts are not showing, or specific calendars are not showing?

Sometimes when the uri is incorrect, the credentials are accepted, but then there is nothing to display.

The complete CalDAV/CardDAV account is not showing.

I had an issue like that with version 7. It turned out to be the uri was not quite correct. After discussing with the provider, a correct uri populated eM Client with the account and folders.

But this one seems a bit different as the uri was working, then after the update the same uri is not working.

I guess you will need to wait and see what Support says to @KST992.

Any news from the support?

No update so far from the support.

I also opened a ticket. Voting for your ticket (as on GitHub) is not possible.

One more thing:

I have exported all settings under version 8.0. (Don´t know the exact Version I had…) After the update to the 8.1, the CalDav/CardDav accounts were no longer visible, as already written. After I uninstalled the 8.1 and installed the 8.0.3385.0, I put the settings.xml back in. But the CalDav/CardDav accounts were still gone. Now I have installed the 8.0.2685.0, here it works.

So maybe the error is not between the 8.0 and the 8.1 but between the 8.0.2685.0 and the 8.0.3385.0.
I have already reported this to support as well.

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Same was here - on 8.1.979 CalDAV calender was not updating (whereas on my notebook under v. 7 everything was fine) - no error message on the diagnose list. No network issues, then I downloaded anew 81.979 and chose “repair” (strangely it did), now it seems that the calendar is working properly.