After the last update sync google calendar doesn't work.

 Win7 6.0.20899.0
It can’t connect to server while outlook anв android calendar work good

Hi Tatiana, are you seeing any errors from the application? If so, can you make a screenshot of such error?
Are you using any firewall/proxy software on your computer?

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I also get some error with sync to iCloud calendar since today. I know that Apple now wants to enable different passwords for 3rd party programs that want to access the iCloud account. I generated a password for eM client, but neither the normal iCloud password nor the new-generated one work. I get this message: [CalDav] subfolder could not be synchronized due to Bad Gateway". Is there some setting that has to be changed since the last days? It worked perfectly for several months with this account.
I have no problem with syncing to the same account with a 3rd party tool on the iPhone.
I installed eM client V6.0.20899.0 on a Win7 environment.

Hi Bettina, can you please switch to the “Protokoll” tab in the operations window, copy the content of the log and post it here on the forum?
Can you try to update your application to this version: and check if the issue persists?

How is this related to an iCloud account? from what I see in the screenshot you’re having an issue with a domain…

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Hi! Sorry for not answers. I was in a buiseness trip and running of time. In my case firewall customisation helped. After EMCLIENT update Norton lost its settings.

Hi Paul,

thank you very much for your quick reply!

This “…” mail-adress is my AppleID.

I updated to the suggested version, but the same problem occurs.

Here is the result of the Protocoll tab:

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Hi again Bettina, are you able to login with the to your iCloud account online at ?
I’m afraid that by using this ID, eM Client will try to setup the account as an account. If you’re using this account as your AppleID your email address should still be in or format.

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Hello Paul,

I use this AppleID for some years now. And access to is no problem in general.
The account is enabled in eMclient as “iCloud”, so I think the setup is correct. I had no problem with this setup for about one year. eMclient worked perfectly. I could edit dates and receive updates to my calendar without any problem.

In this case here I use it to edit my private calendar on a company machine. I have no access to in the local network.

But I found (about one year ago), that eMclient is able to still access the mail and calendar data even though is not accessable via browser.
This was the reason why I used eMclient.
I would understand that if access to with a browser is not possible, eMclient would have the same problem. But it worked perfectly until last thursday/friday.
The only reason I could imagine, was that Apple changed the password-acceptance of 3rd party programs at this moment.
Therefore I generated one for eMclient, but not the “global” password, nor the new generated one work.

This is why I wrote here. Maybe you have some idea what impact this password for 3rd parties might have.
I know that it is difficult, as is blocked by the company-setup. But as eMclient worked as a perfect workaround until now, I hoped that there is some solution for this situation.

My next workaround would be to shift all calendar data to my google account, as this is not blocked and enable this into eMclient.

But if you have any other idea regarding the Apple account and maybe password issue for 3rd parties, please let me know, as using the Icloud account worked pretty well for me and shifting everything to another vendor always means having issues.

Thanks a lot and best regards!

Hi again, I’m not completely sure if I understand your setup, is this a private account or a business account?
If you’re having issues connecting to in your network, is it possible, the ports eM Client is using for connecting to the server are blocked in your network?

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this is a private account with my private calendar entries. I looked for a way to edit this or view private appointments on the company machine.
As direct access is blocked to for the browser, I looked for a way to still be able to edit the calender.
About one year ago I found that it works with eMclient, even though is blocked for the browser. So this was a good solution for me in this case.
It worked perfectly until end of last week.

And the only thing that changed, is that Apple enabled this new password for 3rd parties. I did not do an update of eMclient, which could be the cause of this issue. I updated now, as the problem occured.

On wednesday everything was ok and then on friday I saw that my icloud calendar could not be updated anymore with the described error messages. For about one year now everything was working without any issue.
eMclient helped me out in this situation. Until end of last week.

Which ports does eMclient use for access to icloud calendar? What is different to access to via web browser? It seems there has to be a difference, as web browser has no access, but eMclient had.

Maybe I can check whether there is some issue with the ports that eMclient uses.
But as Apple changed this password-setting end of last week, this came up to my mind as the root cause at first now.


Hi again Bettina, to check what ports you’re using for connecting to the iCloud servers, go to Tools > Accounts > Your account > SMTP/IMAP.
I believe there should be no issues while using the two step verification (app specific password) protection on your Apple ID as many of our users are using it without a single issue, and even our testing accounts are working properly with this option enabled.

Accessing calendars should not be about ports but rather accessing this website: , which I have setup as the CalDAV Address, can you access this website in your browser (a login window should appear)? If not, please check if your network does not block these connections as I believe this might be the core of this issue.

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