After setting up a Agenda Start date and Reminder date after I hit save it show's up under No date.

I have a bunch of Agenda’s that are listed under no date but they do have a start date and reminder date. I have deleted these and created new one’s but it does the same thing again. Other Agendas I create work, it almost seems to happen at random.

There are 3 boxes you can check, Start, Due, Reminder. Some of the Agendas work with out a reminder and only a due, some work with out a due and just a reminder. It’s weird that it works some times. I went thought all my No Date Agenda and selected both the Due and Reminder boxes this seemed to fixed this issue. But it still doesn’t make sense why some work and some don’t’.


can you send me few of those tasks with issues exported into .ics (right click on it - save as…) as attachments to [email protected] together with this topic’s url in subject?

with regards