Advanced task management (options gone)

Hi, the Advanced task management had an option to “Assign to” someone else (also seen on Features - Calendar & Tasks | eM Client | eM Client).

My eMClient will not allow me to do this and has very limited options. How can I fix / change this?

Assign to someone else is available in “Local Tasks” at the bottom left in eM Client Tasks.

Click on “Tasks under Local Folders” and then click “New” at the top.

You then then “Assign / add the tasks to the specific peeps you want”.


Thanks Cyberzork,

My “New” menu do not have those options available.

When I clock on New, Task:

Is there maybe some setup changes I need to make for it to work?

Options available under “+New”

Thanks, I found the solution:
Under Settings, General, tick “Show Local folders”

Then the solution you presented is available.
Thanks :smiley: I appreciate your help!

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The Advanced task management feature in eM Client allows you to assign tasks to others. This can be done by clicking on the task and then clicking on the “Assign to” button. If you are not seeing this option, it may be because you do not have the latest version of eM Client. You can check for updates by going to the Help > Check for Updates menu item. It’s also possible that the Advanced task management feature has been disabled in your eM Client settings. To enable it, go to the Tools > Options > Tasks tab and make sure that the “Enable advanced task management” option is checked. Anyway, I use third-party task management software that is easy to use and set up. You could also try it to avoid such headaches. Good luck!