Advanced Search using Sent date

I need to be able to search emails/folders using the Sent date but this does not seem possible.  There is  the choice in the advanced search options to search by ‘Received before’ and ‘Received after’ not there is no options for to search by ‘Sent before’ and ‘Sent after’.  Can these options be added please?

If you sort your sent folder by date you can scroll to any date. Then messages above are “after” and those below are “before” that date. Within a given date they are even sorted by time.

Thanks for the tip Norman.  Unfortunately I file all my inbox and sent messages into folders (and sub-folders) to keep related messages together.  Hence I need to be able to search across all of the folders to find messages within a given date range.

I also really need the possibility to sort after date the emails were sent, not the received date. When I imported Emails from another account the received date was always the import date, while the emails where sometimes years apart. 

I keep wondering about why the sorting columns do not include more if not ALL properties of emails. Should be very simple to implement.

thank you for sharing your idea on the forum where our developer can consider it for future upgrades.