Advanced Search Function - Search attachments

Hi There. I was wondering if there was a way to search for keywords that are within an attachment? Say, for example, there is an email with a text document attached (or word, PDF, etc.). I would like the ability to search for a keyword that is in that text document, and have eM client display the email that contains that attachment. Is this at all possible? I know Outlook has this capability, but I am not sure eM Client does (unless I’m just missing it). 

Please advise. 

Thanks so much!

No, you are not missing it. eM Client does not have that ability. :frowning:

Damn. Does eM Client have plans to add this feature? I gotta be honest, I hate outlook and I wanted to make the switch in my office at work to eM Client, but my managers use this search function a lot so that can be a deal breaker if they are unable to use it with eM Client :S

5 years ago George Wilson said “We have it on our todo list, but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented.”

It is anybody’s guess what the current status is. :wink:

5 years ago? Damn. Doesn’t sound like they are in a big hurry haha. Ok thanks! Sucks but I guess there is nothing we can do about it at this point :frowning:

Hmm. I came here to ask this question. I like eM Client and will probably use it until MS Outlook breaks down and supports Google Calendar. But there are a few important features like this that are missing.

There are actually two checkmarks to enable exactly that:
–> go to “Accounts…” then “IMAP” settings tab within the account you want to enable that in. “Sync options” section has “Download messages for offline use and to search in message bodies” and additional “Include attachments to search in attached documents”

Only problem I have - it seems as if it doesn´t work… I´ve got a mail with a PDF file attached to. When searching for any text string in it I don´t find that mail by searching (of course search is set to “All folders” and “Subject, sender, recipients, body and attachments”).

Is there a possibility to get it to work or am I doing anything wrong maybe?

Yes, the attachment search function was added in version 8. Finally.

But I think it may not be able to search pdf attachments. Documents from MS Office or the open standard format search just fine though.

Thanks again for clarification. Seems as if MS Outlook was the only software being able to search PDF files.
So there´s no alternative and Outlook doesn´t meet our demands in other aspects :confused:

Searching attachments is a fairly new feature in eM Client. Maybe it will be improved in later versions to include PDFs. Unfortunately, as users, we are not aware of what is planned. :smile:

Can anyone tell which attachments / which files can be searched? Seems as if PDFs are still not searchable? I just checked but there´s no update available, so we´re up to date.

It really depends on whether your PDF reader, or Windows itself, has a 32bit PDF filter installed or not. If it doesn’t, we will not be able to index the content.

It also won’t be possible with older versions of Adobe. I believe version 9 and older.