Advanced Search Folder logic


I’m trying to do a search by using “or” for some commands and “and” for others - is there a way to do this? I’ve tried brackets, the words and, or, && etc. but none of it is valid.

Reason: I have an “overview” search folder in other clients like this:
“any mail from the last 2 days, as well as all unread mail or flagged mail”.

I thought I could achieve this with this search string:
read:no OR flag:yes OR after:“2 days ago”

at the moment, my simple search string “read:no flag:yes” shows nothing as none of my mail is both read, and flagged :frowning:

I couldn’t find anything in the help or forum… thanks!

I am sorry, but it is not possible at the moment. I added it to our feature request list.

no problems, thanks for the fast reply!

How often do you aim to release? Is it biannually / annually / whenever ?

Major versions are released approximately every six months.

AND vs. OR, (), NOT are extremely useful as well as generic search statements like " (items that do not have a category set)

Outlooks advanced filtering dialog gives the reference here.

I would be very keen to have this feature added.

The ability to create a search folder showing email from multiple recipients would make my life much easier!


My superior colleague have informed me that this will not be included in close future. But it still remains under consideration.


Not to be a gravedigger, but I would like to resurrect this topic to chime in.  I would love the ability to use “before:5 days ago” logic instead of having to hard-code a date in the Before field.  This is basically the same thing that the OP wants with the After field.  I would use this as a way to quickly delete unwanted emails that are too old to matter (cron jobs, alerts, stuff like that).  

BTW, I bought eM last week and am loving it!

Hi Jon, thank you for the suggestion, we’re still considering adding this feature, but if you use the “before:” option in search some dates should pop up thanks to the autocomplete feature, suggesting some recent dates as well. Hope that’s at least a bit helpful for your issue.

Thank you for understanding,

sorry but I ended up going back to Outlook as the search folders were more configurable (although I’ll admit Outlook still has issues with searching…)

thanks eM for providing an alternative client.

Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but if you ever come back to eM Client, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the app.

Thank you,

As an alternative to “or” logic, I could live with the ability to create a Search folder by searching another Search folder. It would be cumbersome, but you could create a separate Search folder for each condition and then combine the conditions with a search of those Search folders. Any chance of this being possible?

Hi, you should be able to use the OR logic by using ‘,’ instead of ‘OR’. Just use the criteria separated by the dash and that should work as OR while searching.

Let me know if that helped, thank you,

Paul, thanks for the tip. It works like a champ within criteria type.
Any tricks for “or,ing” across criteria types? (e.g. Subject = “SAT” or From = “SAT Center”)

Hi again, if you type in ‘?’ into the search field, help for search will be shown, but criteria types such as subject, from etc. are supposed to be typed in as from:[email protected] or subject:subject.

Hope this helps,

so there’s no way to create a search folder that shows “most recent 2 weeks”?

wow. even evolution does that. 

the whole point of a search FOLDER is that it’s PERMANENT. What good is a permanent folder with a hard-coded date? Plz tell me. 

any estimate on eM 7 release?


Has this been fixed yet? I would love to create a search folder that containers emails from either sender A or B

5 years ago better Search Folder logic was requested. 
It can’t be that hard and this is an essential feature for anyone who uses email for work.
I have used Outlook for several years now. EM client is great with its integration to gmail mail/calendar/contacts and every other feature (so far of 2 days use) has been great. 
However, this is a deal breaker. 

Hi, I came looking for search info, like how to or my search while creating a “to clean up” search folder.  I see it was requested 5 years ago, any further developments?

I am patiently waiting for the age in days option. It would be so much easier than having to switch to Thunderbird every time I want to do a useful filter.

I think somebody needs to make a decision on this. After 5 years of considering the proposal, the developers must have some idea of what they plan to do. Are they going to implement it or ignore it?