Advanced Options Tasks

I can’t find the advanced options on the tasks.
Here I read that it should only work with local folders.

But I can’t synchronize the tasks with other computers.

Why do the advanced options only work with local folders?

Your advertisement does not mention this limitation.

LG Rolf

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It really depends on what your calendar provider supports. Not all providers sync all fields, so we only display the fields your provider says they sync.

For example, Google Calendars only sync these 4 fields, so that is all that is displayed:

While GMX support more, so it will be displayed like this:

We give the reason for this in the Documentation (F1):

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Thank you for the quick reply.

In Google Calendar, you can still add subtasks in the tasks and also specify a time and repetitions in the reminders.
Are these possibilities also foreseeable in the eM Client?

LG Rolf

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