Advanced HTML Templates

Good morning,

It would be great if we could add visually displayed HTML templates to an e-mail. The current use of text templates with HTML is difficult and impossible for normal users.

The em client team would, for example, provide a number of templates via right-click or drop-down.

Optimally, one could specify slight optional settings, such as color.

This would make highlighting content easier and a real advantage over other email clients.


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I’m in no way a templates specialist and I’d like to know more experienced eMC users experiences on the subject. However, here’s my modest experience with using effective templates with eMC.
After trying different alternatives and turnarounds, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best and easiest way to use templates in eMC is to write the HTML (outside of eMC) and save that file locally but store everything else remotely on one of our websites (images, CSS, etc.).

I have now a couple dozen different templates including team members resumes, flyers, season’s greetings, promotions, etc.
Then under Settings >> Mail >> Templates and Signatures, we select an HTML template depending on what we would like to achieve and associate it with a given email account for a given purpose (new email, reply, forward).

Please let me know if you would like a practical example of the above.