Adjust Today color in Month View

Perhaps it would be a good idea to make “today” way more visible in the dark theme in month view? Its really hard to find, and sometimes I need to check windows clock date to get a hint haha

Build your own theme! The colours you need to change are:

  1. CalendarTodayBackgroundStart
  2. CalendarTodayBackgroundEnd
    These colours define the gradient behind today’s header. The second / end color is also used for the border around today’s box.

In Settings select your current theme, click on ‘Advanced’ and export it to %APPDATA%\eM Client\Themes (that’s eM Client’s default folder for custom themes). Then edit the theme , import it and select it.

If you’re not happy with your changes then - do not - change again and import again: you’ll end up with another copy, and another copy, and another copy … Instead close eMC, make your changes and open eMC again - your changes will be applied.

In the theme’s topmost XML tag change the attributes ‘name’ and ‘author’ to your liking otherwise you will not be able to tell your copy from the original.

I would like to see this improved also (without having to build my own theme) -  it is very difficult to see the today but found clicking the “Today” button helps as it brings it to the top line/row.

Jorg, thanks for the suggestion but I cannot find that theme folder (I have 'show" hidden files etc ) and checked everything under User … APPDATA  … Roaming and Local - nadda :slight_smile:


But there is a folder %APPDATA%\eM Client?

If the subfolder Themes is not there, just create it.

Thanks, the eM Client folder exists but not themes - I will create one.