Adjust calendar snooze at reminder time

I think the application used to allow us to edit the snooze interval for a calendar reminder. So when the pop up displays, I could actually edit the interval. So I could snooze the event reminder for something other than the 5,10, 15 minutes…etc…I could snooze ir for, say, 8 minutes.

Can this be added/reinstated?

I would like this feature too. Thanks.

@Gary I don’t have that option. Are you saying it should be there, because this is what I’m seeing and why I raised the issue in the first place.

Sorry. Should have said it is implemented in version 10. The beta is available if you want to give it a try.

I downloaded the beta and am seeing some problems with the functionality. I totally understand that this is a beta so this is not meant as a complaint, merely feedback.

When I try the custom snooze, the window to select the time flashes then disappears. Then I’m unable to do anything since the normal notification window is there but is nonfunctional. I need to hover over the icon on my start bar, then I see the custom snooze window. I can’t use my mouse since when I try to select something in the new custom snooze window, it disappears again. The solution is to use the tab key and arrow keys to navigate through the inputs and finish snoozing.

I love that you are bringing this functionality. I can’t wait until it’s fully ready. If you want extra feedback, please let me know what I can do to help.