Addressee auto-fill: can it be controlled?

This seems to vary from version to version. When I click on the “to:” line and type in the first few letters of the recipient I want, eM Client takes a long time to “think”, then pops up a version of the address from the last mail that person sent me. However, I prefer (for my own reasons) to use the version of their address in my address book. I can’t seem to get eM Client to work with me on this.

The ideal would be to be able to designate specific addresses with two- or three-letter key combinations, and have it be immediate. This would be my request, if it is not currently possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

It remains to be seen, but I may have solved my own problem by unchecking the line in settings | mail | compose “Store composed mail recipients for suggestion.” If that is indeed the solution I would never have thought of it.