address sync , how to trigger

I’d like to download my addressbook from and ideally also keep it in sync w. eMClient (i.e. both ways).

After cleaning up my addresses in I hoped that this would automatically sync w. eMClient - but it did not.
So I deleted my mail account and set it up again -> no addresses at all.
Next: Restart eMClient -> still no address book.

  1. How do I sync my addresses (just like my mails) ?
  2. Will they stay in sync - or do I have to trigger that?

The broader question is how to keep the addressbook across iOS, Android and in sync. (and not use Google).  My thought is to use as hub for all clients.

Thanks for your help / thoughts.

If offers CardDAV you could connect to that from eM Client as well as your other devices, then they would all be in sync.

You will find that in Menu > Tools > Accounts. Then add a new account.